Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I just finished Kristin Hannah's newest novel, "Night Road".  She is one of my favorite authors because she writes about families and relationships without being too sappy. The focus of this novel is Senior Year and the family experiences that result.  The concerned, worrying mom (some would call her a helicopter mom) identifies so many issues that occur for parents of kids in their senior year of high school.  Of course, kids think they are invincible and want to celebrate their senior year.  As a parent currently experiencing senior year and a child turning18 (I'm an adult now, Mom.), I can identify with the characters in this book.

My favorite book by Kristin Hannah is "Firefly Lane".  I just couldn't put that one down.  Perhaps it was because so much of it took place during the 1970's .She kept jogging my memory about little details I had forgotten.  Or, it brought back warm and fuzzy memories.  Scooter pies, banana seat bikes, that kind of thing.  I think I will read that one again now that I am thinking about it.

The novel I am reading now is "Brewster" which is a young adult novel.  I am enjoying it because I have a "wanna be" author in the family, and her writing style is very similar to this author.

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