Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tax Season is Almost Done

Ok, so I balanced out the stock splits, reverse stock splits, mergers, acquisitions, and more.  Ever since I left my job 18 years ago to be a SAHM, I have felt like my brain cells have been slowly deteriorating.  In the beginning, I stayed involved by volunteering to be treasurer of this board and that club, but I eventually stopped.  When I went back to work, I decided to work towards my dream job of being a librarian.  I am addicted to books-especially children's books.

However, with the economy as it is, there is no longer an opportunity for tuition reimburesement, and I have 2 kiddos to get through college. So, it looks like a masters in library science is not going to happen for me at this point. 

As I worked on my taxes, it was good to know that there are still some active brain cells up there. It turned out to be a rewarding job with a sense of accomplishment.

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