Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Oh Why Do I Procrastinate??????

I know better, I really do!! But I can't stop myself no matter how many New Years Resolutions I make.  What has happened to me??? My husband kept telling me about all of the changes taking place in our Employee Stock Purchase Plans as the company split up, then was sold, then merged.  SO her I am 4/15 deciphering stock splits, reverse stock splits, stock in the parent company, and who knows what els? I am up to 2002. 

I just kept okaying him thinking I would deal with it when the time came....or better yet, maybe we would take the stock to the grave and my kids would have to deal with it. 

No such luck.....We decided to sell it last year (at a loss, thank you very much).. So now I am back tracking to 1997.  Have I learned my lesson?? Probably not.  Do I need a Dr. Phil intervention??  Not if it means living in the Dr. Phil House with those wacko women that I love some days and get disgusted with the next. 

Will I continue to lecture by daughter (we call her my clone) about procrastinating?? Yes. 

I want her to be better than me. 

I hope it works :(

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